Our company provides various Logistics and Safety Development Services. Find out more below the titles!

Occupational Safety

With the service Logimove Live, we provide occupational safety development projects looking at aspects from many different angles, where we will use our methods to get the best perspective of current issues and how to solve them. 

Often times it’s smart to outsource some of the occupational safety development from the hands of the development manager to an expert as one company from pulp and paper industry told us. The angle of development is new and managers often have their hands full already. 

työturvallisuuden kehitys

International Trade Seminars

Incoterms 2020 is something that everyone involved in international trade cares for. We offer international training seminars for everyone involved in export/import and forwarding. In the eyes of those dealing with export and import documents, it has been said that the ones doing sales, should take part of our training seminar as well. Finance and warehouse workers can benefit of the training too.

Click here for the upcoming training seminar. If you wish to have a company tailored training seminar, hit us up through our front page’s contact form or via email info@logimove.fi. If you wish to take part for a open-for-all training seminar in English but don’t find any, please contact us. 


You might have concerns about whether the shelves of your warehouse keep up with the current standards (SFS-EN 15635). Logimove has been part of the development of the organisation Logy’s occupational safety in warehouses -project 

https://www.logy.fi/media/liitetiedostot/kuormalavahyllyt_ja_varastoturvallisus_2015_web.pdf (in Finnish only)

Companies like TAYS (in our references) have asked for us to inspect their new warehouse that was being built in early 2019.

Shelves are big part of warehouses and when it comes to safety, none shouldn’t take any shortcuts.


Our lecturer offers training on Forwarding and Exporting/Importing with 20 years of experience. Whether it’s AEO-C, sulphur emissions or Incoterms 2020, or something else, you’re interested in, we can help you. The training is provided in both open and closed company-tailored courses via Skype and face-to-face.

Information Signs

We do the graphical design of your signs and translate them if necessary. This can be done to factories for example for the foreign truck drivers.


With our corporate partner we offer further vocational qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications. It is almost cost free (only tiny government required fee) for the companies employees and takes a few days from a month of participation for the students.